This is a portal to resources on the movement of freedom seekers and the networks of the Underground Railroad in Illinois.

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Introduction --  essay on changes over time with the Underground Railroad in Illinois.                  Across Illinois-- directory to a wide variety of sources in Illinois.                                                 NE  IL & Chicago -- range of materials on what is now the Chicago metropolitan region.       Chicago Exodus -- essay on events of early April, 1861, in Chicago and national reports on this.  CHURN -- web page for the Chicagoland Historical Underground Railroad Networks, Inc.               Will County -- resources and exhibit on the UGRR in Will County, Illinois.                                Journeys -- seeing travel to freedom as multi-state.                                                                     Maps --  this will eventually have copies of and links to maps related to the UGRR.          Bibliography -- Illinois materials on freedom seekers and the UGRR, from 2008.                              "Quilt Code" -- Brief comments on the unfortunate connection of the UGRR and quilts.                   Contact -- will lead you to Larry McClellan.                                                                               

The base map above is from Mitchell's 1852 map of Midwestern states.