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A wide variety of materials on freedom seekers and the Underground Railroad are available on the Internet.  The other pages in this portal site also will lead to interesting sources.
For specifics on the UGRR in Chicago and Northeastern Illinois -- go the page for NE IL & Chicago.

UGRR in Southwestern Illinois
UGRR in Western Illinois -- Center at Knox College and the work of Owen Muelder
Intro to UGRR from Eastern Illinois Univ - UGRR:  A Path to Freedom

Network to Freedom of the National Park Service -  UGRR program and resources
Explore the Illinois materials in Wilbur H. Siebert Collection at the Ohio Historical Society
"The UGRR" from Historical Encylopedia of IL, 1901

Following is an ever expanding list of Places and People in Illinois related to the UGRR

Alton -- UGRR                                                   
Brooklyn - "America's First Black Town" & Archaeology Project
Byron --  Read House and NTF site
Cairo - UGRR in Cairo, IL -- note on source
Chicago -- many - Ton Farm, homes of Jones, Wagoner, Ford, Hudlin, Atkinson +
                         and homes of Carpenter, Freer, Dyer +  Tremont House, Western Citizen
Collinsville -- Bethel Church
Crete  -- Beebe's Grove [Cushing/Cook/Beebe farms]
Downers Grove -- Blodgett House
Duquoin -- Ibendahl Farm
Equality -- Old Slave House
Galena -- Steamboat House
Galesburg --  Work of Owen Muelder and UGRR Center at Knox College
                Chap from History of Knox County, 1878
Gurnee -- Rudd House --  ??
Hinsdale - Graue Mill -- ??
New Philadelphia -- Historic sites and Free Frank
Jacksonville -- Morgan County Hist Society and Woodlawn Farm
Jerseyville --  Cheney Mansion
Lake County - news article
Lombard -- Sheldon Peck House
Maywood - West Town Museum of Cultural History
Ottawa - John Hossack House
Peoria - Pettengill Home site - NTF and UGRR sculpture
Princeton - Owen Lovejoy Home and NTF site
Quincy -- Richard Ells House     - Intro essay
Randolph County -- Burlingame House
St Charles - Abolitionists and UGRR
Springfield - Jameson Jenkins and NTF site
Waukegan - ??
Wheaton - Wheaton College


Caroline Quarlls -- Kim Simmons and Larry McClellan have written and talked extensively on the life of Kim's ancestor, Caroline.  We are currently in the final stages of a book-length treatment of her life.