My work on Freedom Seekers and the Underground Railroad has focused on northeastern Illinois.  With that, I have also been intrigued by and pursued research on the movement of freedom seekers across Illinois and into our region.

There are close to 50 potential Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom sites in northeastern Illinois with documentation available.  NE Illinois includes Chicago and Cook County, along with Boone, McHenry and Lake Counties, De Kalb, Kane and Du Page Counties, eastern La Salle, Kendall, Grundy, and Will Counties, and Livingston, Kankakee and northern Ford and Iroquois Counties.

  Map of Known and Possible sites related to Freedom Seekers and the UGRR in NE Illinois [2010]

Top Ten potential Network to Freedom/Underground Railroad Sites in NE Illinois

My presentations and publications include:                                                                               "Will County and the Underground Railroad,"  the 2007 Fall quarterly of the Will County Historical Society.    An expanded version of this was published in February, 2011 as:  "Freedom Seekers and the Underground Railroad in Will County, Illinois."  [These are available through the Society in Lockport, Illinois.]

Papers and presentations at the annual symposium of the Illinois State Historical Society:                    2006 -  "The UGRR South of Chicago"                                                                                  2007 -  "Chicago and the UGRR"                                                                                         2010 -  "Freedom Seekers in Illinois"                                                                                     

July, 2010, presented “Freedom Seekers in Illinois” at the annual National Park Service Network to Freedom conference in Topeka.                                                                                           July, 2014, presented "Women Freedom Seekers and Chicago"  at the annual National Park Service Network to Freedom conference in Detroit.